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We open our hearts to the totality of life – light and shadow, joy and grief, flow and resistance.

We come to the mat not only to heal ourselves from the inside out but to find our authentic self-expression within a community that embraces us for who we are. We build inner strength, soften patterns of denial, and reclaim our wholeness together. As we expand our consciousness, we
expand our capacity to meet life’s challenges with creativity and grace.

Welcome to Ashaya Yoga, a sublime sanctuary for heart-followers who are craving a deeper, more meaningful yoga practice.

Ashaya Yoga


The Ashaya Yoga Membership


The Ashaya Yoga Membership will take your spiritual practice to whole new depths

Our monthly membership is the complete Ashaya experience with a combination of Tantra philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting, alignment-based and therapeutic asanas, and relaxation.


Every Ashaya class helps you weave back together your mind, body, and heart and re-establish yourself with the source of consciousness within, so you can access and harness your full, unbounded potential.

Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means “abode of the heart”.

Online Classes

Open your heart, strengthen your body, and calm your mind. No matter where you are, Ashaya Yoga is there for you, online and in-person.

Join Online & In-Person

Upcoming Events

Meet Todd Norian

Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, YACEP, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Acharya, author of Tantra Yoga: Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness, A Memoir, musician, and Founder of Ashaya Yoga®, has practiced and taught yoga for over 43 years. Designated a Kripalu Legacy Faculty member, Todd became a Kripalu Resident in 1983, was a co-founder of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training who trained more than 1000 teachers and co-authored the original 200-Hour KYTT manual. He was the director of Kripalu Resident Sadhana for 10 years, working closely with spiritual director, Amrit Desai, became Kripalu Programs Department Head in 1996, and developed Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum.

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