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Align Your Body. Awaken Your Heart. 

Welcome to Ashaya Yoga!



“Welcome to Ashaya! 
My deepest intention is to serve the light within you and create a safe space for you to embrace every part of yourself as divine, to make it possible for you to shine your unique light out into the world, and to support you to reach deep down inside your heart and tap into the infinite wellspring of joy that is your true nature.” 


Learn more about Todd Norian,
the Founder of Ashaya Yoga, here

Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means “abode of the heart”.

Ashaya Yoga is for YOU if you....

  • Hunger for more than just a fitness class

  • Long to experience unreasonable happiness

  • Want to embrace both your light and your shadow

  • Crave a supportive, loving community

  • Wish to transform yourself and your life at many levels

  • Desire to feel the best you can in your body, mind, and heart

What makes Ashaya Yoga so Powerful?

Uplifting, Life-affirming, & Empowering Tantric Philosophy

Integration of Body, Mind, and Heart through the Five Elements

Detailed Alignment that is Medically/Metaphysically Sound and Therapeutic

Supportive Community of the Heart with an Emphasis on Dedicated, Regular Practice


The Ashaya Yoga Membership


The Ashaya Yoga Membership will take your spiritual practice to whole new depths

Our monthly membership is the complete Ashaya experience with a combination of Tantra philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting, alignment-based and therapeutic asanas, and relaxation.


Every Ashaya class helps you weave back together your mind, body, and heart and re-establish yourself with the source of consciousness within, so you can access and harness your full, unbounded potential.

Todd is now booking workshops around the country! If you're interested in hosting Todd at your studio, let us know.

Todd's Book

todds book_edited.jpg

Tantra Yoga: Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness - A Memoir


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Tantra Yoga

Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness – A Memoir

by Todd Norian

Part inspirational memoir, part philosophical teaching, part practical application, this book is an accessible, actionable guide to the true Tantra — not the sex-focused version that popular culture promotes.

5 Star Rating on Amazon!

Learn more about the book here

stephen cope.png

“Todd Norian’s new book on Tantra is destined to be a classic. It is a stunning achievement: beautifully written, crystal clear, entirely accessible to the Western reader. I could not put it down.”

— Stephen Cope

Todd's Ashaya Practice Manuals

Todd's Music & Meditations

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Enjoy the beautiful music of Todd Norian during your Yoga or Meditation session.

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