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Affirmations for Cultivating Patience

My heart is open and receptive.
I now fully open to grace.
I allow love and light to flow freely through my heart.

I release all of the rough edges around my heart.
I willingly lift the veil of my heart to let the light in.
I now make space for all that is unresolved in my heart.

I am complete with whatever is incomplete in my heart.
I am patient and trust the process of life.
Life has my back.
I am at peace with all that’s happening in my life.

Recognizing that I do not know what I do not know, may I allow myself the space for not knowing and to trust life to show me what is needed when it is needed.

May I recognize that each moment being birthed is unknown territory, and may I allow
myself to receive it with freshness, newness, and openness.

I am patient with myself and others.
I patiently welcome myself home to my heart just as I am.

Click here for a printable version of these affirmations.

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