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Strengthen your body, calm your mind, open your heart, 

and touch the deepest spirit within!

with Todd Norian

You’re Invited.


Ashaya Yoga: Look Behind the Veil is for YOU if you desire to…


Gain strength, flexibility, and balance.

Connect to your inner spirit and feel more joy.

Tap into the infinite source of wisdom and healing within.

Integrate body, mind, and heart through yoga and meditation.


Wednesday, March 27th, from 12:00-12:45 p.m. ET.


Join us in this FREE WORKSHOP to look behind the

veil of what makes Ashaya Yoga the leading form of

yoga for total transformation of body, mind, and heart.


What distinguishes Ashaya Yoga from other forms of yoga?


It’s more than just physical yoga. Ashaya embraces the whole

person – body, mind, emotions, heart, and spirit, including the shadow and light.


We open to the bigger energy where we recognize that

everything in life is for our awakening and that life has our back.


We use heart themes interwoven with the body and the teachings of Tantra that

lead you back to your heart where you recognize your true nature – unbounded, ecstatic joy.


It’s the only alignment-based method that integrates the Five

Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky, into every pose in a uniquely blended way.


Through precise, anatomical, alignment instructions, Ashaya Yoga is therapeutic

and can be healing. We release chronic postural patterns to move from pain to freedom.


We recognize the value of community and that the

journey of the heart does not happen in isolation. We need each other.




Who is this workshop for? It's for YOU if you're:

​Interested and curious about yoga.

New to Ashaya Yoga but want more alignment cues.

Seekers who want more body, mind, and heart integration.

Familiar with Ashaya and just love the method and want more.

For all levels, beginner to experienced practitioners who want to grow, learn, and open their heart.


During this 45-minute workshop, you’ll experience the beauty and elegance

of Ashaya Yoga through warmups, postures (with modifications), meditation,

and Savasana (relaxation).


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