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Online Events

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Oct 13-15

Online Via Zoom


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Nov 3 - Dec 10

Online Via Zoom

Ashaya Deepening
Yoga Immersion


Nov - June

Online via Zoom

Ashaya Yoga
Live Online Yoga Teacher Training

 Free Live-Online Workshops

Looking for a taste of Ashaya Yoga? 

Every month you can join us for free workshop classes that give you a glimpse into the Ashaya Yoga practice. Sign up to attend live on Zoom and to get direct access to the videos recording for 14 days so you can practice on your own time. Taught directly by the founder of Ashaya Yoga, Todd Norian, you'll be enveloped in the Ashaya world little by little. This is your gateway to all that we have to offer.  Please, join us and start discovering what Ashaya Yoga is all about. 

Our next free class is September 27, 2023 from 12-12:45 pm ET

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