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Yoga Nidra Reset: Change Yourself, Change the World

Hands cupped around a dandelion with sun's rays shining through it

No one has to tell you how F#X%@! up the world is right now. As yogis, how do we deal with it?

As citizens of the world, how are we supposed to cope? The answer is highly personal in that only you can answer from your heart. Whether you protest, donate to the cause, support your friends and communities, or offer compassion, what’s important is that you align with the passion you feel and do what’s right for you in your heart.

Whatever you decide, I support you. In addition, I suggest that you also focus on leaning into the light.

The yogic texts describe four major Yugas (eons of time, each hundreds of thousands of years long) that rotate in an eternal cycle. Each Yuga has its own function and purpose to maintain the balance of the universe.

Supposedly, we are coming out of the Kali Yuga, the time of darkness where suffering is the primary experience. I can’t even begin to integrate the horrible atrocities of the last few weeks in Israel and Gaza, not to mention the war in Ukraine, among many other tragedies, wars, injustices, betrayals, and more suffering. Yes, it’s clear we are in the Kali Yuga.

What follows the Kali Yuga is Sat Yuga, the age of truth, light, enlightenment, compassion, peace, and love. Some scholars believe that right now we have one foot in the Kali Yuga and one foot in the Sat Yuga. We haven’t fully entered the Sat Yuga. But it is happening little by little.

If you ask me, it feels like we have both feet in the Kali Yuga and it’s pulling us down like quicksand. The more we struggle to get out of it, the deeper down we go. As yogis we must face the reality of what’s happening and then, through our practices, stand back, get some distance and perspective to decide what to do about it.

close up view of a pile of sand

I believe that now more than ever we need to not lose faith, to not give up hope for a better world.

It’s tempting to be sucked down by the quicksand. But we need to resist going down, staying down. We need to find the strength and courage to rise up and grab hold of what we know to be true in our hearts and what we deeply desire to be true. To not give up our dream for a better world!

I believe in the light of the universe. I believe that light eventually wins out over the darkness and that love is what remains. Love is stronger than fear and whatever happens to us at any given moment is either love or a lesson. Everything in life is for our awakening.

sun rising over a dark mountain sky

The dark side seems to want us to throw our hope away and stop fighting. Even as the dark side is trying to plant seeds of discouragement, doom, and gloom, this is the time when the light of the universe needs us the most.

I want to help, but not at the surface level. I want to go deeper. I want to help shift the essence of the vibration and frequency of the planet. The only way to do that is to go within. And when we do that collectively together, our power is magnified. We gain momentum and become unstoppable!

From the Tantric perspective, we are all interwoven, loomed together with threads of light and bliss. Whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us. Whenever one person in a room decides to let go and relax, the whole room relaxes on a subtle level.

Quantum physics has come to a similar realization of the interconnectedness of the universe in the notion that our bodies contain about a million atoms of Christ, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, and all beings. With every breath we take, we breathe in the atoms of every being who’s gone before us. And I’m sure you’ve heard the ancient Chinese proverb on the butterfly effect, “The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world.” Surely, we are all connected.

iridescent butterfly in the sand

Because this is true, we have the possibility to shift the atoms and vibration of the world. When we focus our thoughts on peace, we broadcast peace out into the world. And when we do this together, the effects are increased exponentially. By going deeply within and doing our sadhana (spiritual practice), we literally change the vibrational frequency of every being on the planet.

Change yourself, change the world. From Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

That’s why in this month’s Ashaya Yoga Membership we’re focusing on Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses. It’s the inward focusing of the sense organs, divine light, divine smell, touch of grace, etc. It’s a way we can do our part in shifting the spiritual vibration of the world toward world peace, the Sat Yuga. Through dedicated practice, we calm ourselves down, soothe our nervous system, and emanate waves of peace and bliss.

How are you soothing your nervous system at this time? Here are few ways I know that really work.

  1. Meditate regularly.

  2. Practice asana every day.

  3. Practice pranayama.

  4. Practice mantra chanting.

  5. Practice Yoga Nidra.

  6. Get plenty of sleep every night.

  7. Eat well. Exercise and take care of your body.

  8. Be kind to others. Hold the door open for someone. Allow a car waiting to turn into your lane to turn into your lane.

  9. Share with friends. Do not keep your feelings to yourself or hold them in.

  10. Lighten up occasionally. Do something fun. Take it easy.

Another great way to change your vibration is to join the Yoga Nidra Reset for World Peace: A Five-Month Online Challenge.

That’s right! I invite you to make a commitment to yourself to practice Yoga Nidra with me during the dark months of the year - November through March.

Starting November 20th, 6-7 p.m. ET, I’ll be leading a live online Special Yoga Nidra Reset for World Peace once a month. This is an awesome opportunity for you to make a commitment to shift your frequency to shift the world. For details and to register click here.

Please enjoy this short, guided meditation: Click here to listen to the audio version.

Guided Meditation for World Peace:

  1. Please come to comfortable seated position and if you’re in a place you can safely close your eyes, allow your eyes to close.

  2. Take a few deep breaths. Flow with the natural rhythm of your breath.

  3. Begin to slow your breath down by making your exhalation a little longer than your inhalation.

  4. Allow the pauses between your breaths to be there. Stay in the pauses before the next breath arrives as long as you can effortlessly.

  5. After several more breaths, breathe normally.

  6. Draw into your heart. Go deep into the core of your being and touch the deepest essence of who you are. When you are in your heart you are one with all that is.

  7. From this place, send a prayer for peace, for light, for love, for bliss, for respect, for understanding, for empathy, and for compassion.

  8. Send a prayer that all beings, wherever they are, whatever their pain and suffering, are filled with peace. Shower them with the light of the universe.

  9. Imagine a blanket of golden light surrounding the hearts of all beings right now.

  10. Allow yourself to get into the rhythm of love and vibrate this peace and love to all beings. Include yourself and your loved ones.

  11. Sit in this space for as long as you wish.

  12. Then when you’re ready, you may slowly open your eyes.

Thank you for allowing yourself to let go and slow down. You just shifted the frequency of the whole planet. I look forward to seeing you on the mat whenever you have the time. Please join me for the Yoga Nidra Reset! Stay in faith. Stay in hope. Stay in peace. Stay in love.

I offer you my light and my love.


Todd and the Ashaya Yoga Team

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