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Here Comes Happiness! Give Up Attachment and Go with the Flow!

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True happiness is a sign of integration, knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and living an embodied conscious life. This kind of “real” happiness doesn’t come easily or haphazardly. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and having a daily spiritual practice.


The weather here in the Berkshires has been so unpredictable this spring. One minute it’s hot, humid, and sunny, the next it’s cold and pouring rain. One morning last week I was looking forward to fertilizing my lawn. It’s best to time it just before it rains which it was supposed to do around 11 a.m. As I was all ready to get out there and spread the fertilizer, I looked out my front window and saw that a gigantic tree had fallen onto my lawn. Oh no! I said to myself that I probably have enough time to cut up the fallen tree in time to spread the fertilizer before it rains.


Four hours later, I was still cleaning up from the tree. I had no idea how challenging this task was, nor how huge the tree really was! I had to release my attachment to getting the fertilizer done in the morning. The lucky part is that it only sprinkled a little and then got sunny.

I was able to cut up the tree, clean up the debris, and spread the fertilizer before it rained. My day became something I hadn’t planned. For all of you house-holder yogis out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shit happens. Or as someone once told me, Shhhhhhhhhhh it happens!


During this whole experience, I was aware that I had a choice of cursing the wind that blew down the tree, being angry at the goddess, or just letting go of the picture I created in my head for the kind of day I was going to have. I decided to let go, adjust, and go with the flow.


It turned out that I really enjoyed using my new electric power chain saw to cut up the tree. And the fringe benefit I got, was the intense physical workout I got from hauling the wood and stacking it in my wood pile. By the time it was all put away, I was exhausted.

shirtless man holding a power saw next to a fallen tree

I’m grateful that I had no other commitments that had to get done that day. The only other thing I would have loved to do was ride my bike. However, with the weather so unpredictable, it was too risky to ride. And about the time I finished the yardwork, it poured rain.


I was so content just doing what needed to be done. I didn’t fight or resist what needed to be done. I just did it. No commentary. I just let go and everything worked out great, even better than what I expected. I was happy!


So, this is just to remind everyone, that happiness is an inside job. 

Happiness is not dependent on anything external, although we tend to go up and down with life’s tides. When we receive something we desire, we get happy. When something we’re attached to is taken away, we get sad.


We are more than the rising and falling tides of life. 

We aren’t buoys that simply bob up and down on the surface waves of life. We have the capacity to drop the anchor of consciousness deep into the depths of the ocean where we are rooted to the source of all that is. We anchor ourselves into the source of our being, the very womb of the self, the wellspring source of the essence of happiness.

rays of sunlight in an underwater cave

There’s no reason you can’t be happy every moment of the day when you’re willing and able to release your attachments to how you thought something would go, go with the flow, and just accept what did happen, what is happening.


May you take the pressure off yourself to live according to your plans and begin living in the wonder, Adbhuta, of the moment as it unfolds before your eyes. Each moment is an adventure, an opportunity to increase your happiness, increase your curiosity, and expand your horizons.


I want to lovingly invite you to become a member, if you’re not one already, and join the community of heart followers who are seeking a happier, more fulfilling life, a life free of the constraints of attachment. It takes practice to continuously let go, release what’s holding you back, and step into the miracle of now, which holds the secret to your happiness!


I hope to see you on the mat!





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